We often have contractors asking us “why aren’t my Facebook ads working?”. After all, they paid and posted, shouldn’t that be the end ofit?

We’re here to tell you the 5 most common reasons your Facebook ad might not work.

(1) Facebook Pixel:

First things first, tracking your page views and form submissions is essential if you want to generate leads from your ads. It allows the Facebook algorithm to optimize your ad for leads and conversions, which is critical if you want to scale.


(2) The Wrong Objectives:

What objectives have you laid out in the pixel? All objectives start at the campaign level, and the bulk of them should be conversion and lead generation. Sure, there’s a time and place for traffic reach and video views – but Facebook’s pixel is a machine you can program – whatever you ask of it, it will deliver. And since you want quality leads, you need to put that request in.


(3) Restrictive Targeting for Facebook Ad:

Don’t narrow your impact when choosing who you target. If you keep your location broader and your target age wider – you’ll generate more leads. It’s that simple.


(4) Poor ad quality:

We see a lot of contractors opting for stock images and posting them on their facebook ads. But Facebook is a very visual platform, and those stock images will be obscured into background noise because they are not engaging. Visual platforms need engaging content like professional quality photos and videos. We recommend investing in a professional photographer to help create educational content demonstrating your authority.


(5) What next?

Imagine yourself as your own prospective client, you see your ad and click on it. Where does it take you? If it takes you to your general website, will you feel compelled to call? The short answer is no. You want the link to be directed to a high-converting landing page that is built for one purpose: lead generation.

If your ads could use a boost, follow these tips immediately.