Bespoke Advocacy

Bespoke Advocacy, a leading support service for families navigating the special education process, is dedicated to providing expert guidance and personalized support. Despite their exceptional service and commitment to families, they lacked a digital presence to effectively reach and assist more people. To address this challenge, Bespoke Advocacy partnered with CommandShift Marketing to develop a comprehensive template website from scratch.Our mission was to revitalize their digital platform while maintaining their brand identity and enhancing user experience.


No Existing Website

Limited Content Management Capabilities

SEO Performance Challenges

Low Online Visibility

Lack of Interactive Features

Outdated Visual Elements

What we did

CommandShift Marketing transformed Bespoke Advocacy’s digital presence by designing a strategic, template-based website optimized for user experience, accessibility, and mobile responsiveness. Our comprehensive SEO strategy enhanced search engine visibility, while meticulously crafted content showcased Bespoke Advocacy’s expertise. Visual improvements, including curated imagery and brand-aligned graphics, ensured a polished, user-friendly website that effectively highlights their services in the special education sector.


Bespoke Advocacy now boasts a sleek, user-friendly website powered by custom WordPress technology and enhanced with modern design features. Our targeted SEO optimizations have significantly improved their visibility in search engine rankings, driving increased traffic and brand recognition. The website’s seamless mobile compatibility and engaging visuals provide a compelling online experience across all devices. Through strategic lead capture and social media integration, we’ve positioned Bespoke Advocacy as a trusted leader in special education support, ready to guide more families towards brighter futures.

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Template-Based Design

Leveraging modern templates to create a visually appealing website.

Enhanced User Experience

By optimizing the website for user experience, CommandShift ensured that families can easily find information, book consultations, and understand the full scope of Bespoke Advocacy’s services. This included a mobile-friendly design to cater to users on all devices.

Brand Identity

Maintaining Bespoke Advocacy’s strong brand identity was crucial. CommandShift ensured that the new digital presence remained true to their core values of compassion, expertise, and dedication.


Optimized website structure for improved search engine visibility.

Content Management System

A user-friendly content management system was integrated, allowing Bespoke Advocacy to easily update their website with new resources, news, and relevant content.

Visual Enhancement

The website was enriched with high-quality images, and multimedia elements to better showcase Bespoke Advocacy’s services and impact.