Caranella Tax & Advisory

Caranella Tax & Advisory boasts over 25 years of experience, earning a reputation as a trusted authority in financial consulting. However, to fully embody their commitment to exceptional service and strategic insights, Caranella Tax realized the necessity for a digital overhaul. CommandShift Marketing intervened to rejuvenate their online presence, utilizing the Divi WordPress theme to create a platform that mirrors Caranella’s dedication to excellence while improving user experience and accessibility.


Outdated Online Presence

Limited Content Management

SEO Performance Concerns

Mobile Responsiveness Issues

Limited Interactive Features

Outdated Visual Elements

What we did

CommandShift Marketing made sure the change to new technology was smooth. We used the Divi WordPress theme, which makes it easy to manage content. We also improved how the site shows up in online searches and made sure it’s safe from online threats. We kept their look consistent and made the site work well on phones and tablets. These changes make it easier for people to use the site and help Caranella Tax reach more clients online, setting them up for success in the digital world.


Caranella Tax & Advisory now boasts a modern website that is easy to navigate and showcases their expertise effectively. The improved SEO performance ensures better visibility in online searches, while the enhanced security measures safeguard sensitive information. With a cohesive and mobile-responsive design, Caranella Tax’s online presence is poised to attract and engage clients effectively, marking a significant step forward in their digital journey.

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Seamless Technology Migration

We facilitated a smooth transition to modern technology, ensuring minimal disruption to Caranella Tax’s online presence while unlocking the benefits of updated infrastructure.

WordPress Theme Integration

Leveraging the Divi WordPress theme, we provided Caranella Tax with an intuitive platform for content management, enabling effortless updates and expansions without technical expertise.

SEO Optimization

Through strategic optimization techniques, including the use of relevant keywords and metadata, we enhanced Caranella Tax’s visibility in online searches, driving organic traffic and improving their digital reach.

Enhanced Security Measures

Implementation of robust security protocols and regular updates safeguarded Caranella Tax’s website against potential cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their data.

Design Consistency and Responsiveness

We maintained consistency with Caranella Tax’s brand identity while optimizing the website for mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices and screen sizes.

Interactive Features Integration

By incorporating interactive elements and engaging features, we enhanced user interaction and retention, fostering meaningful connections with Caranella Tax’s audience.