Create with Lefteris

In a transformative collaboration, CommandShift partnered with Create with Lefteris, an esteemed online education platform, to breathe new life into their sales landing pages. The challenge was clear: create landing pages that not only showcased compelling video content but also provided an immediate call to action through a booking appointment system, all while leveraging the power of customer reviews. Through a blend of innovative web design, multimedia integration, persuasive content, and data-driven optimization, CommandShift and Create with Lefteris embarked on a journey to reshape the online educational landscape, resulting in substantial growth in conversions, sales, and audience trust.


Outdated Technology

Low Online Visibility

Inefficient Lead Generation

Employee Productivity Issues

Customer Dissatisfaction

Declining Sales and Revenue


Increased Conversions

The custom sales landing pages, featuring video content and a streamlined booking appointment system, contributed to significantly higher conversion rates.

Enhanced User Engagement

Multimedia elements and clear calls to action created an engaging user experience, motivating visitors to book appointments and make purchases.

Sales Growth

Sales received a substantial boost due to the persuasive content, special offers, and effective call-to-action elements.

Trust and Credibility

Customer reviews and testimonials prominently showcased on the landing pages built trust and credibility, reassuring potential customers about the quality of Create with Lefteris’ courses.

Responsive Accessibility

The responsive design ensured that visitors on all devices could access and engage with the landing pages seamlessly.

Data-Driven Insights

Integrated analytics provided valuable data on user behavior, enabling ongoing improvements to the landing pages for even better results.
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Booking Appointment System

To streamline the user journey and boost sales, we implemented an immediate call to action in the form of a booking appointment system.
Visitors could easily schedule appointments for consultations or course enrollments, promoting user engagement and conversions.

Sales-Boosting Elements

CommandShift strategically placed persuasive content and clear calls-to-action throughout the landing pages.
Special offers, discounts, and time-sensitive promotions were highlighted to entice potential customers.

Reviews Showcase

We prominently featured customer reviews and testimonials on the landing pages to build trust and credibility.
These reviews served as social proof, reinforcing the value and quality of Create with Lefteris’ courses.

High-Quality Multimedia

High-quality images, videos, and graphics were integrated to enhance the visual appeal and credibility of the landing pages.
Multimedia elements were strategically placed to engage visitors and convey key information effectively.

Responsive Design

To ensure a seamless experience across all devices, we implemented responsive design principles, making the landing pages accessible on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Data-Driven Optimization

We continuously optimized the landing pages based on data-driven insights gathered through integrated analytics.
This iterative approach allowed us to refine the pages for even better results over time.