Halifax Heat Pumps

Halifax Heat Pumps, a prominent provider of energy-efficient heating solutions in the Halifax region, recognized the need to modernize its digital presence to better reach and engage its target audience. Their existing website was outdated, lacked user-friendliness, and did not effectively convey the benefits of their heat pump technology. To address these challenges, Halifax Heat Pumps partnered with CommandShift, a digital marketing and design agency, to undergo a comprehensive digital transformation.


Lack of New Service Information

Outdated Website Design

Lack of Visual Appeal

Unoptimized Mobile Experience

Weak Online Presence

Design Inconsistency

What we did

Halifax Heat Pumps partnered with CommandShift for a comprehensive digital transformation. We revamped their website, created engaging content, developed eye-catching graphics, and ensured full device responsiveness. Additionally, our ongoing social media management maintains a consistent and engaging online presence for Halifax Heat Pumps, helping them connect with their audience and market effectively.


CommandShift’s partnership with Halifax Heat Pumps illustrates the transformative potential of a comprehensive digital strategy. By addressing website design, content, mobile optimization, graphic design, and social media management, we revitalized Halifax Heat Pumps’ online presence, positioning them as leaders in the energy-efficient heating industry. The results, including increased user engagement, improved search rankings, and positive customer feedback, validate the success of this digital transformation.

Before/ After


Revamped Website

Halifax Heat Pumps now has a visually appealing and user-friendly website that captivates and engages visitors.

Improved User Engagement

The new website’s design and content enhancements have significantly increased user engagement, resulting in extended time spent on the site.

Mobile Accessibility

The responsive design ensures a superior user experience on all devices, attracting and retaining mobile users.

Enhanced Online Visibility

Enhanced SEO efforts have led to a noticeable increase in search engine rankings, expanding ULS Inc.’s online visibility.

Positive Customer Feedback

Halifax Heat Pumps has received positive feedback from both clients and website visitors, confirming the success of the digital transformation.

Call-to-Action Optimization

To maximize the impact of Halifax Heat Pumps’ digital transformation, CommandShift implemented strategic Call-to-Action (CTA) optimization, carefully crafting and strategically placing compelling CTAs throughout the website.