Harrisburg Landscape Lighting

Harrisburg Landscape Lighting, a premier provider of outdoor lighting solutions, sought the expertise of CommandShift Marketing to elevate its online presence and establish a compelling digital platform. Struggling with limited visibility and customer reach, Harrisburg Landscape Lighting needed a comprehensive strategy to showcase its expertise in outdoor lighting, event lighting, wedding lighting, and holiday lighting. CommandShift embarked on the mission to create an engaging website that not only highlighted the company’s offerings but also enhanced its brand image.


Inadequate Online Presence

Lack of Brand Identity

Lack of Target Audience

Mobile Compatibility Issues

Minimal Customer Interaction

Infrequent Content Updates

What we did

CommandShift Marketing undertook a holistic approach to tackle the challenges faced by Harrisburg Landscape Lighting. Our journey commenced with the development of a visually appealing website that showcased the company’s diverse lighting services. A key aspect was crafting a distinctive logo that encapsulated the essence of Harrisburg Landscape Lighting’s commitment to quality and aesthetics. The website was meticulously designed to be responsive, ensuring optimal user experience across various devices. We integrated high-quality images and engaging content to showcase the company’s expertise in outdoor, event, wedding, and holiday lighting.


The impact of CommandShift’s intervention for Harrisburg Landscape Lighting was transformative. The newly developed website, coupled with a striking logo and captivating content, significantly bolstered the company’s online visibility and brand recognition. The intuitive navigation and visually appealing presentation of lighting services led to a noteworthy surge in the conversion rate, converting website visitors into satisfied clients. Regularly updated content ensured that the website remained current, fostering increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

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Responsive Website Development

CommandShift crafted a fully responsive website for Harrisburg Landscape Lighting, ensuring a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Distinctive Brand Identity

We conceptualized and designed a captivating logo that served as a visual representation of Harrisburg Landscape Lighting’s commitment to excellence, establishing a unique and memorable brand identity.

Comprehensive Service Showcase

Our team curated the website’s content, presenting Harrisburg Landscape Lighting’s services in a visually appealing manner, facilitating easy navigation and enhancing the user’s understanding of the company’s offerings.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The revamped website incorporated user-friendly navigation and streamlined the purchasing process, resulting in a substantial increase in the conversion rate and driving greater sales for Harrisburg Landscape Lighting.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Interactive elements, including high-quality images and engaging content, were integrated to foster better customer engagement, creating a connection with the target audience.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

CommandShift continues to provide maintenance and support services to ensure the website remains current, functional, and optimized for performance, guaranteeing a sustained positive online presence for Harrisburg Landscape Lighting.