HT Recruitment Consultants

HT Recruitment Consultants, a prominent recruitment and talent acquisition agency operating in Ontario, embarked on a transformative partnership with CommandShift Marketing to overhaul their online presence. Recognizing the pivotal role of a modern, user-friendly website in attracting top talent and clients, HT Recruitment aimed to surmount the challenges posed by their antiquated website. This case study delves into the predicaments that plagued their former website, the comprehensive solutions applied, and the remarkable outcomes realized through this website revitalization endeavor.


New Services' Info Gap

Audience Engagement Gap

Brand Awareness Deficiency

Outdated Web Design

Modern Features Missing

Design Inconsistency

What we did

In partnership with HT Recruitment Consultants, CommandShift Marketing embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize their online presence. We tackled challenges head-on, enhancing the website’s functionality and visual appeal, reinforcing brand identity, and boosting audience engagement through interactive elements. The result is a modern, user-centric platform that aligns seamlessly with HT Recruitment’s commitment to excellence in talent acquisition, marking a significant leap forward in their online journey.


HT Recruitment Consultants’ decision to overhaul their website with CommandShift Marketing’s expertise has proven to be a strategic masterstroke, substantially enhancing their online presence and user engagement. By proactively addressing the deficiencies of their previous website through contemporary design, an enriched user experience, and persuasive messaging, HT Recruitment has effectively crafted a visually appealing, client-centric platform that harmonizes with their unwavering commitment to excellence in talent acquisition.

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Showcase of All Our Services

Develop a dedicated section to highlight the new services, providing detailed information, benefits, and how they align with clients’ needs.

Interactive Engagement Elements

Incorporate interactive features like live chat, feedback forms, and social media integration to boost audience interaction and responsiveness.

Branding Reinforcement

Implement consistent branding elements throughout the website, including logos, colors, and messaging, to enhance brand recognition.

Modern Design Overhaul

Revamp the website with a contemporary, visually appealing design that aligns with current design trends and user expectations.

Feature Enhancement

Incorporate modern web features such as responsive design, mobile optimization, and user-friendly navigation to improve overall functionality.

Consistency in Design Elements

Establish design guidelines and ensure uniformity in layout, fonts, and imagery to maintain a cohesive and professional appearance across the website.