Insurance Uncle

Insurance Uncle, a prominent player in the Canadian life insurance sector, approached us at CommandShift with a challenge. Their existing website was struggling to provide a seamless user experience, hindering their ability to effectively serve clients and grow their business. With a commitment to offering top-notch web design, logo design, and social media marketing solutions, we took on the task of revitalizing their online presence.


Outdated Website

Inefficient Lead Generation

Mobile Compatibility

Brand Discrepancy

Disorganized Content

Stale Visuals

What we did

Our approach was multifaceted and comprehensive. Beginning with a thorough understanding of Insurance Uncle’s goals, we embarked on a complete web redesign, aimed at enhancing user experience and boosting lead generation. To address the mobile compatibility issue, we ensured a responsive design for seamless browsing on all devices.

A standout feature of our solution was the development of a robust quotation tool. This tool streamlined the quotation process, facilitating quick and efficient interactions. Additionally, our social media marketing prowess came into play as we crafted engaging posts and attention-grabbing graphics to enhance Insurance Uncle’s online presence.


The outcome of our collaboration was nothing short of transformative. The new website boasted an appealing design, seamless navigation, and efficient lead generation. The integrated quotation tool proved to be a game-changer, significantly reducing response times and enhancing user satisfaction. Our social media marketing efforts contributed to heightened brand visibility and engagement, resulting in increased website traffic and client inquiries.

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Modernized Design

We transformed Insurance Uncle’s website with a modern, user-centric design. A contemporary interface, balanced typography, and engaging visuals offered an immersive browsing experience. By integrating the latest design trends, we established a captivating and professional online presence.

Optimized Lead Generation

Through strategic redesign, we focused on lead conversion. Strategically placed call-to-action buttons guided visitors, collecting user information for increased engagement. The revamped design smoothly transitioned visitors into potential clients, boosting business growth.

Mobile Responsiveness

Prioritizing mobile browsing, we ensured a responsive design. The website adapted to various devices, providing a seamless experience. This exceptional responsiveness allowed effortless exploration for mobile visitors, boosting engagement and expanding reach.

Unified Branding

We established a cohesive brand identity by aligning colors, typography, and design elements across the website. This reinforced professionalism, credibility, and consistency. The approach left a lasting impression, fostering trust and effectively communicating Insurance Uncle’s values.

Structured Content

We reorganized content for clarity, logically arranging insurance plan details and benefits. This facilitated easy navigation, empowering visitors to swiftly find sought-after information. The logical presentation boosted engagement and satisfaction.

Social Media Marketing

Beyond website design, our meticulous social media strategies heightened Insurance Uncle’s online visibility. Engaging posts, crafted captions, and eye-catching graphics established a compelling online presence. This approach attracted traffic, fostering meaningful interactions and driving potential clients to explore further.