Kanis Powersports

Kanis Powersports, a prominent player in the offroad industry, stands as a leading importer and retailer of a wide range of vehicles and accessories. However, the lack of an online presence and an e-commerce platform posed significant challenges in reaching potential customers and maximizing sales opportunities. CommandShift stepped in as a social media management and website development partner to transform Kanis Powersports’ digital presence, leading to exceptional results in e-commerce success and customer outreach.


Absence of an Online Presence

Missing E-commerce Platform

Product Visibility Challenges

Insecure Payment Gateway

Website Design from Scratch

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

What we did

CommandShift transformed Kanis Powersports’ online presence through comprehensive social media management, captivating content, and targeted ad campaigns. We created a stunning, user-friendly website showcasing products strategically, implemented a secure payment gateway, and devised customer attraction strategies for increased sales. Ongoing maintenance ensures optimal website performance.


Through a strategic partnership with CommandShift, Kanis Powersports successfully embraced the digital realm, transforming their business and achieving remarkable success in e-commerce. The combination of effective social media management, a visually stunning website, and strategic product showcasing contributed to increased sales, a broader customer base, and enhanced brand recognition. With continuous support and maintenance, Kanis Powersports is well-positioned to thrive in the competitive offroad market and consistently engage with their loyal customer base.

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CommandShift’s E-commerce and Website Solutions for Kanis Powersports!

Website Design from Scratch

To address the absence of an online presence, we designed a stunning and user-friendly website from the ground up, allowing Kanis Powersports to establish a strong digital foothold.

E-commerce Platform Implementation

To enable online shopping, we created a comprehensive
e-commerce platform, empowering Kanis Powersports to capitalize on the growing trend of online sales.

Strategic Product Showcasing

To overcome product visibility challenges, we strategically organized and showcased all products, including the Vipermax line, to attract and engage customers, leading to increased interest and sales.

Customer Attraction Strategies

To enhance customer attraction, we devised targeted strategies, including promotions, discounts, and personalized offers, enticing potential buyers to explore and purchase from Kanis Powersports.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

To ensure secure online transactions, we implemented a reliable and secure payment gateway, fostering customer trust and seamless payment processing.

Continuous Website Maintenance

To ensure optimal website performance, we provided ongoing maintenance and updates, guaranteeing a smooth browsing experience and customer satisfaction.