Leap Recruitment Partners

Leap Recruitment Partners, a leading full-service staffing agency in Canada, collaborated with CommandShift Marketing to enhance their online presence and address specific challenges hindering their growth. By leveraging strategic digital marketing solutions, they aimed to showcase their workforce solutions, target specific industry sectors, improve job opportunity visibility, enhance brand communication, and establish industry credibility.


Lack of up-to-date web design trends.

Inefficient Recruitment Process

Limited Service Showcase

Inadequate Sector Focus

Insufficient Job Opportunities Visibility

Difficulty Attracting Target Audience

What we did

CommandShift Marketing implemented a comprehensive strategy to transform Leap Recruitment Partners’ online presence. They developed an informative and visually appealing website section highlighting their workforce solutions and expertise. A targeted approach was adopted to cater to specific industry sectors. Job board optimization, digital advertising, and targeted candidate outreach were implemented to improve job opportunity visibility.


The collaboration between Leap Recruitment Partners and CommandShift Marketing yielded transformative results. The enhanced online presence accurately showcased their workforce solutions, attracted qualified candidates, improved brand communication, and established industry credibility..

Before/ After

Driving Growth with Leap Recruitment Partners: An Inspiring Web Design Story


Leap Recruitment Partners, a leading recruitment agency in Canada, partnered with CommandShift Marketing to revolutionize their recruitment process and enhance their online presence. Their goal was to attract top talent and provide exceptional services to their clients in a competitive industry.


Leap Recruitment Partners faced challenges in their recruitment operations and online presence. Their existing process was inefficient, resulting in delays and administrative burdens. They struggled to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants and lacked a modern technology infrastructure. Additionally, they faced difficulties in effectively communicating their brand and engaging their target audience.


CommandShift Marketing implemented strategic solutions to address these challenges. They streamlined the recruitment process by implementing an advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and developed a targeted digital marketing strategy to attract a wider range of candidates. Leap Recruitment Partners’ technology infrastructure was upgraded to provide a seamless user experience, and their brand communication and social media management were optimized for better engagement.


The implemented solutions included an advanced ATS for efficient candidate selection, a targeted digital marketing strategy to attract a diverse pool of applicants, a modern technology infrastructure for a seamless user experience, optimized brand communication for effective messaging, and comprehensive social media management for enhanced online presence.


The collaboration with CommandShift Marketing yielded positive results for Leap Recruitment Partners. They experienced improved efficiency in their recruitment process, attracting a wider pool of qualified candidates. The upgraded technology infrastructure provided a seamless user experience and effective brand communication. Their online presence and engagement on social media platforms significantly increased, establishing them as a prominent player in the industry.


By partnering with CommandShift Marketing, Leap Recruitment Partners successfully addressed their recruitment and online presence challenges. The strategic solutions implemented resulted in improved efficiency, increased candidate attraction, and enhanced brand communication. Leap Recruitment Partners now stands out in the industry as a leader in providing exceptional recruitment services to clients and connecting with top talent.