MCG Contracting

A family-run construction company based in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, joined forces with CommandShift Marketing to revamp their online presence. Their mission: to recreate their website, tailor it for their target audience, and implement a social media management strategy featuring captivating graphic content, compelling captions, and effective ads. The website overhaul also included clear calls to action to engage their audience.


Outdated Website Design

Ineffective Social Media

Low Brand Visibility

Limited Website Engagement

Inefficient Lead Management

Inconsistent Branding

What we did

CommandShift Marketing embarked on a comprehensive transformation journey to rejuvenate MCG Contracting’s digital presence. We undertook a complete website overhaul, infusing it with modern design elements for a more appealing and user-friendly experience. Simultaneously, we orchestrated a dynamic social media strategy, creating captivating content, compelling ads, and ensuring regular updates. To boost brand recognition, we launched targeted campaigns in the GTA and York Region. Our strategic addition of clear calls to action on the website simplified visitor engagement, while the implementation of a robust CRM system streamlined lead management, ultimately solidifying MCG Contracting’s digital transformation.


The partnership between MCG Contracting and CommandShift Marketing delivered exceptional outcomes. The revamped website engaged visitors effectively, while an invigorated social media presence expanded their reach. Targeted brand awareness campaigns boosted recognition, and strategic calls to action led to increased inquiries. Efficient lead management ensured no opportunities were missed, and consistent branding enhanced MCG Contracting’s digital success.

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Website Revamp

CommandShift Marketing initiated a complete website overhaul, implementing a modern and user-friendly design to make it more appealing and functional.

Social Media Strategy

A comprehensive social media strategy was introduced, creating engaging content, captivating ads, and regular updates to rejuvenate MCG Contracting’s social media presence.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Focused brand awareness campaigns were launched in the GTA and York Region, leveraging digital marketing, social media advertising, and local partnerships to increase visibility.

Clear Calls to Action

Strategic calls to action were integrated into the website, simplifying the engagement process for visitors and encouraging inquiries about services and projects.

CRM Implementation

A customer relationship management (CRM) system was introduced to streamline lead management, ensuring no potential business opportunities were overlooked.

Consistent Branding

CommandShift Marketing ensured consistent branding across all digital platforms, eliminating confusion and enhancing brand recognition.