Noordermeer Bros Inc

In its 50 years of excellence in CNC machining, tooling, and fabricating, Noordermeer Bros Inc has maintained a commitment to quality, technological advancement, and fair pricing. However, their online presence required a digital facelift to stay aligned with contemporary standards. CommandShift Marketing took on the challenge, offering website design services to seamlessly transition Noordermeer Bros to a new technology while preserving their design integrity. The goal was to empower non-tech users with an easy-to-update platform using the Divi WordPress theme, known for its SEO-friendliness and adherence to the latest WordPress security measures.


Outdated Technology

Limited Content Management

SEO Performance Concerns

Mobile Responsiveness Issues

Limited Interactive Features

Outdated Visual Elements

What we did

CommandShift executed a seamless migration to new technology, preserving the original design integrity while implementing the Divi WordPress theme for user-friendly content management. We optimized SEO by ensuring consistent use of heading and paragraph tags. Additionally, we addressed mobile responsiveness issues, integrated interactive features, optimized loading times, improved navigation efficiency, updated visual elements, and incorporated robust analytics integration. The result is an enhanced website that not only meets modern standards but also empowers non-tech users, boosts SEO performance, and provides valuable insights for data-driven decision-making. Ongoing support ensures the continued optimization and security of Noordermeer Bros Inc’s digital presence.


Noordermeer Bros Inc now benefits from an updated website that not only preserves its design integrity but also empowers non-tech users for easy updates. The integration of the Divi WordPress theme ensures SEO-friendly content management, and adherence to security standards safeguards the website against potential threats. CommandShift continues to provide ongoing support, ensuring Noordermeer Bros Inc’s digital presence remains optimized and secure.

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Seamless Technology Migration

CommandShift executed a smooth transition to new technology, ensuring minimal disruption to Noordermeer Bros’ online presence.

WordPress Theme Implementation

Integrated the Divi theme for user-friendly content management, enabling easy updates and additions.

SEO-Friendly Structure

Ensured consistent use of heading and paragraph tags to optimize the website for search engines.

Security Measures

Implemented standard security measures recommended by the latest WordPress versions to protect against potential threats.

Preservation of Design Elements

Carefully retained and transferred the original design, ensuring a visually seamless transition.

Mobile Optimization

CommandShift implemented responsive design elements, ensuring the website adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes, improving the overall mobile user experience.