Prestige Facilities Maintenance

Prestige Landscaping, a property maintenance company based in Mississauga, faced the challenge of having an outdated and ineffective website that failed to attract customers and generate conversions. Recognizing the need for a modern and user-friendly online presence, the company approached CommandShift, a leading web design agency, to revamp their website, and also to create a new logo for the website. This case study explores the problems faced by Prestige Landscaping, the solutions implemented by CommandShift, and the positive results achieved through the website redesign and logo creation by CommandShift.


Obsolete Visual Appeal

Ineffective Branding Through Logo

Untapped Potential

Inefficient Persuasive Elements

User Interface Challenges

Difficulties in Generating Leads

What we did

CommandShift took on the task of transforming Prestige Landscaping’s website to address their pressing challenges head-on. By employing innovative strategies and industry-leading design practices, CommandShift redesigned the website and also created a new logo to enhance the company’s brand identity.


The website redesign resulted in a more attractive and engaging online presence for Prestige Landscaping. The modern design, strategic calls-to-action, and improved user experience increased lead generation and customer conversions. The company’s brand perception also improved, establishing them as a leader in the industry

Before/ After

The Winning Formula for a Website Revamp that Delivers Results


Prestige Landscaping, a property maintenance company based in Mississauga, faced significant challenges with their outdated website, hindering their ability to attract customers and drive conversions. To overcome these obstacles, the company sought the expertise of CommandShift, a leading web design agency. This case study delves into the specific problems Prestige Landscaping encountered, the solutions implemented by CommandShift, and the remarkable results achieved through the website redesign.


Prestige Landscaping faced multiple challenges with their outdated website. The design was obsolete, resulting in missed opportunities and ineffective calls-to-action. The user interface had usability issues, leading to a poor user experience. The brand image was inconsistent, and generating leads was difficult. Additionally, their logo did not effectively represent their brand identity and failed to convey professionalism and excellence.


CommandShift implemented a visually appealing design, strategic calls-to-action, improved user experience, and effective brand communication. The website was transformed to capture attention, guide visitors, and showcase Prestige Landscaping’s professionalism. The new logo seamlessly integrates with the website design, providing a cohesive and consistent brand image.


The redesigned website boasts many features that effectively tackle the challenges Prestige Landscaping faces. These include a modern and visually appealing design, dedicated service showcase sections, strategically placed and compelling call-to-action buttons, enhanced user experience through intuitive navigation, improved brand communication reflecting excellence and professionalism, and optimized lead generation techniques.


Following the website redesign, Prestige Landscaping witnessed a remarkable transformation in their online presence and business performance. The outcomes achieved include a captivating and modern design that attracts and engages visitors, focused service showcases that communicate the company’s expertise, strategically placed call-to-action buttons that drive conversions, an enhanced user experience leading to longer session durations and increased engagement, improved brand perception highlighting professionalism and excellence, and a boost in lead generation with a higher number of inquiries and new customer acquisitions.


The collaboration between Prestige Landscaping and CommandShift in revamping the website yielded exceptional results. The modern design, targeted service showcases, strategic call-to-action placement, enhanced user experience, improved brand communication, and streamlined lead generation capabilities collectively transformed Prestige Landscaping’s online presence. The website now effectively attracts customers, communicates the company’s value proposition, and contributes to business growth. Prestige Landscaping stands out as a leader in the industry, with a website that reflects their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction.