PÜR Life Medical

PÜR Life Medical, a renowned healthcare provider, sought the expertise of CommandShift Marketing to enhance their online presence and transform the way they connect with their target audience. With a franchise location, PÜR Life Medical recognized the need for a modernized website and effective social media management.


Online presence for a new franchise location

Challenges in Social Media Management

Inefficient Appointment Booking System

Highlighting Service

Difficulty Attracting Target Audience

Ineffective Brand Communication

What we did

We transformed PÜR Life Medical’s online presence through various strategic initiatives. Our team meticulously crafted a user-friendly interface, optimized the website for different devices, and created a dedicated section to showcase their specialized services. We also implemented an intuitive appointment booking system and incorporated engaging multimedia elements.


The collaboration between PÜR Life Medical and CommandShift Marketing resulted in a transformative website that exceeded expectations. The new platform not only addressed the previous challenges but also delivered exceptional results. Through a strategic partnership, CommandShift Marketing empowered PÜR Life Medical to establish a powerful online presence that revolutionized their patient outreach.

Before/ After

PÜR LIFE Medical – Redefining Patient Engagement with an Innovative Website


PÜR LIFE Medical, a leading healthcare provider, recognized the importance of a robust online presence in today’s fast-paced healthcare landscape. Seeking to enhance their digital footprint and revolutionize patient connections, they approached CommandShift Marketing to improve their overall web presence.


PÜR LIFE Medical faced several challenges with their previous website. It suffered from an outdated design, limited functionality, poor user experience, and an inability to effectively showcase their comprehensive range of services. These issues hindered their ability to attract new patients and communicate their commitment to exceptional medical care.


CommandShift Marketing took on the task of completely revamping PÜR LIFE Medical’s online platform. Leveraging meticulous research and strategic planning, our team developed a solution that involved a comprehensive website overhaul with a focus on user-centric design, intuitive navigation, and impactful content. Additionally, we provided social media management and web design services as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for PÜR LIFE Medical.


Our website redesign for PÜR LIFE Medical introduced intuitive navigation, responsive design, a comprehensive service showcase, interactive appointment booking, engaging multimedia, and seamless social integration. These features enhance user experience, provide easy access to services, enable convenient scheduling, showcase PÜR LIFE Medical’s facilities, and foster a strong online community.


PÜR LIFE Medical experienced a significant increase in website traffic, improved user engagement, and a surge in appointment bookings. The revamped website successfully conveyed the brand’s expertise, reliability, and commitment to patient care. Furthermore, CommandShift Marketing’s social media management and web design services further strengthened PÜR LIFE Medical’s online presence, establishing them as a leader in their industry.


The enhanced website design, intuitive features, and engaging content created an immersive digital experience for visitors, driving increased patient acquisition and reinforcing PÜR LIFE Medical’s brand. CommandShift Marketing is dedicated to providing exceptional digital marketing services tailored to your business and services. Our team takes every project personally, ensuring we listen to and address our client’s needs to achieve outstanding results.