RCS Fireplace

RCS Fireplace, a leading provider of fireplaces and barbecues in Auburn, Washington, faced several website-related challenges. These issues encompassed an outdated design, lack of critical information, poor audience engagement, limited brand awareness, missing modern features, design inconsistencies, and more. Understanding the importance of a modern and user-friendly website in serving their community better, RCS Fireplace partnered with CommandShift Marketing. The collaboration aimed to comprehensively revamp and redesign their website, addressing these persistent issues. In this case study, we’ll delve into the obstacles encountered, the innovative solutions provided by CommandShift Marketing, and the remarkable outcomes achieved during the website revitalization process.


Outdated Web Design

Lack of New Services Information

Poor Audience Engagement

Brand Awareness Deficiency

Missing Modern Features

Design Inconsistency

What we did

CommandShift Marketing implemented a comprehensive website transformation for RCS Fireplace, including a modern design overhaul, showcasing new services, adding interactive engagement elements, reinforcing branding, enhancing website features, and ensuring consistency in design elements. These efforts collectively addressed the issues of an outdated website, information gaps, limited engagement, brand awareness, and design inconsistencies, resulting in a highly improved online presence for RCS Fireplace.


As a result of these strategic interventions, RCS Fireplace witnessed a remarkable transformation in their online presence. The updated website now effectively communicates their commitment to excellence, brand values, and services, leading to increased customer engagement, improved brand awareness, and a more visually appealing, user-centric platform. This has positioned RCS Fireplace for continued success in serving the Auburn community with top-quality hearth and home solutions.

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Modern Design Overhaul

CommandShift Marketing conducted a complete redesign of the website, modernizing its layout and aesthetics to enhance user experience and engagement.

Showcasing All Services

A dedicated section was created to prominently feature RCS Fireplace’s new services, providing comprehensive information and benefits, ensuring customers are well-informed.

Interactive Engagement Elements

The integration of live chat support, feedback forms, and social media links improved user engagement and responsiveness, making the website more interactive and customer-friendly.

Branding Reinforcement

Consistent branding elements, including logos, colors, and messaging, were implemented throughout the website to strengthen brand recognition and trust.

Feature Enhancement

The website’s functionality was enhanced with modern features like responsive design, mobile optimization, and intuitive navigation to ensure a seamless user experience.

Consistency in Design Elements

The establishment of design guidelines ensured uniformity in layout, fonts, and imagery, creating a professional and cohesive appearance across the website, improving overall visual appeal and user trust.