Skyline Construction Group

Skyline Construction Group, a trusted local home services team in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, recognized the need to revamp their digital presence to better convey their commitment to superior home renovations. They approached CommandShift Marketing to transform their outdated website and enhance their overall online visibility.


Lack of Service Information

Absence of Social Media Management

Constrained Branding

Outdated Web Design

Weak Mobile Optimization

Deficiency in Modernity

What we did

CommandShift Marketing partnered with Skyline Construction Group to transform their digital presence, making them the go-to choice for superior home renovations in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Through a website redesign, engaging content, branding consistency, and the integration of the latest web design trends, Skyline Construction Group now enjoys increased online visibility, improved engagement, and a more efficient lead generation system. The collaboration with CommandShift Marketing has helped Skyline Construction Group fulfill its commitment to delivering top-quality home renovation services.


The new website effectively showcased Skyline’s services, engaging potential customers with their commitment to top-quality home renovations. A consistent branding strategy enhanced local brand recognition, while the modern website design improved the overall user experience. Additionally, mobile optimization extended Skyline’s reach to a wider audience, including mobile users. The infusion of modernity further contributed to the website’s appeal, aligning it with current design aesthetics and trends. This comprehensive transformation has positioned Skyline Construction Group as the premier choice for superior home renovations in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, with a compelling and up-to-date digital presence.

Before/ After


Website Redesign

We conducted a complete website redesign, giving it a modern, trendy appearance that effectively showcased Skyline’s services, making it simpler for visitors to understand and appreciate their offerings.

Enhanced Branding

A consistent branding strategy was implemented to elevate brand recognition and establish a robust online identity for Skyline, making them more memorable to potential clients.

Engaging Content

Engaging and informative content was developed to effectively communicate Skyline’s unwavering commitment to superior home renovations.

Latest Web Trends

The revamped website incorporated the latest web design trends and user-friendly features, significantly improving the overall user experience and making it more visually appealing.

Social Media Management

We also took charge of Skyline Construction Group’s social media management, ensuring that their online presence remained consistent and engaging across various platforms.

Mobile Optimization

Our team ensured that the new website was fully optimized for mobile devices, creating a responsive design that provided an excellent user experience for visitors accessing the site on smartphones and tablets.