Style Bite Staging

Style Bite Staging, a home staging company, approached CommandShift for logo design and website design services. Style Bite Staging sought to revitalize its brand identity and online presence to effectively showcase its home staging services. This case study explores the challenges faced by Style Bite Staging, the comprehensive solutions provided by CommandShift, and the remarkable results achieved.


Outdated Branding and Logo Design

Lack of Visual Appeal on the Existing Website

Inconsistent and Unclear Messaging

Limited Online Presence and Reach

Ineffective First Impression on Potential Customers

Limited Conversion Opportunities on the Website

What we did

CommandShift successfully addressed Style Bite Staging’s branding and online presence challenges. We created a fresh and modern logo that captured their brand essence and developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website. We optimized the user experience with streamlined navigation and responsive design. Overall, the logo redesign and website overhaul catapulted Style Bite Staging to the forefront of the home staging industry, driving increased visibility, improved user experience, and enhanced conversions.


The collaboration between Style Bite Staging and CommandShift produced impressive outcomes. The fresh logo and modern website design revitalized their brand identity, increasing customer engagement and conversions. With optimized messaging, expanded online presence, and enhanced user experience, Style Bite Staging established itself as a professional and trustworthy brand. Overall, the collaboration resulted in a rejuvenated brand image, an engaging online presence, and significant growth in customer engagement and conversions.

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Transformative Solutions by CommandShift: Revitalizing Style Bite Staging’s Brand Identity and Online Presence

Modern and Engaging Website

The newly developed website featured a clean and modern layout, providing an immersive experience that resonated with potential customers.

Revitalized Brand Identity

The fresh logo design captured the essence of Style Bite Staging, conveying professionalism and attracting the attention of potential customers.

Stronger First Impression

The revamped website created a lasting and positive first impression, showcasing Style Bite Staging’s ability to transform spaces and inspire potential buyers.

Expanded Market Exposure

With an enhanced online presence and improved SEO, Style Bite Staging reached a wider audience, increasing its market exposure and attracting new clients.

Consistent Brand Messaging

The refined brand messaging effectively communicated Style Bite Staging’s unique value, resonating with potential customers and setting it apart from competitors.

Increased Conversions

The implementation of conversion-driven features on the website, such as lead capture forms and compelling call-to-action elements, generated a significant increase in conversions and new leads.