The Closers

In today’s digital-centric landscape, The Closers, a renowned real estate agency celebrated for their unwavering dedication to comprehensive real estate services, embarked on a journey to elevate their digital footprint. They aspired to create a visually captivating platform that could not only connect seamlessly with clients but also effectively showcase their meticulously curated property listings. To accomplish this mission, they turned to CommandShift, a digital transformation specialist, to revitalize their online presence and provide an immersive real estate experience for their clients.


Outdated Website Design

Limited User Engagement

Ineffective Brand Image

Non-Responsive Design

Limited User Resources

Inadequate Property Showcase

What we did

In a nutshell, CommandShift transformed The Closers’ online presence. We redesigned their website for a modern, user-friendly experience. We leveraged visual storytelling for property showcases and ensured seamless performance across devices. Valuable resources were optimized to engage users effectively. This comprehensive digital overhaul elevated The Closers’ real estate services in the online realm.


The collaboration between Command Shift and Find Your Dream Home delivered outstanding results. The website’s stunning redesign provided an engaging user experience, effectively showcasing handpicked properties and boosting user engagement. With a responsive design, the website became universally accessible. This transformation significantly elevated Find Your Dream Home’s online presence, reinforcing their image as a professional, customer-centric real estate agency.

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Modern Website Design

A visually appealing and modern website design was implemented.

Visual Engagement

Enhanced visual storytelling for showcasing handpicked properties.

Responsive Design

A responsive web design ensured accessibility on all devices.

Resource Presentation

Valuable resources were optimally presented for user engagement.

User Experience Enhancement

The user experience was prioritized at every design step.

Brand Image Reinforcement

Find Your Dream Home’s professional image was enhanced and communicated effectively.