The beauty of modern marketing is that we’re not just confined to word-of-mouth advertisement or taking out radio and TV ads – there’s the whole of the online universe to sink our contracting claws into.


Here’s how you can take advantage:


1. Match your marketing to your personal style

How would you describe yourself? Are you more of an energetic extrovert or more of an internalizing introvert?

For those who like meeting new people and large crowds, you should get involved in your local community and make connections. This word-of-mouth marketing will bring in hot leads who are ready for your work – whenever someone needs a contracting job, you will be the first person they turn to. Never underestimate the power of a good impression.

If you’re more reserved and cautious, you have the whole of the internet to leverage. Social media platforms are becoming the dominant marketing medium, and you can easily gather a large following just by posting engaging content about your work.


2. Buy advertising

And if social media is not your thing, you can always go old-school and buy advertising.


3. Hire a social media person

But let’s be honest, you don’t have to be a social media fanatic to have an active social media page. With sites like Fiverr, you can find a freelancing professional to manage your social media for you at a relatively low price, and without the hassle of interviewing/hiring!


4. Social media is for your niche clients

When you have a social media page active, it’s important to remember that a particular group of people are likely to check out your content. That means you have to customize your content to meet their expectations. Each platform has different demographics; Facebook is used by older generations, whereas millennials and younger generations use Twitter and Instagram.


5. Choose the platform you like the most

If you like business to be more personal, Facebook is a great place to make close connections and share personal content in line with your contracting work. But if you prefer a more professional approach, LinkedIn and Twitter both provide great options for marketing.


6. Get Familiar

The most effective way to draw attention to your contracting work is to interact with prospective clients on social media. That means following them back, liking their posts, and posting your own content that they can engage with, like questionnaires/polls.

So, there you have it, apply these tips and tricks, and you’ll see a steep upward trajectory in your number of contracting clients!